Hi! I am Hassan Zaidi, Teaching Film & Television at the National College of Arts, Lahore. Currently, Had been selected by NCA for a scholarship program at the University of Austin at Texas, USA where am completing my third year of filmmaking & working on a feature length film to be produced by the UT-Austin & NCA, as partner institutes.

Last year, I worked as a cinematographer in the famous feature film “Shah”, based on the life of a Pakistani boxer Hussain Shah, who won a bronze medal at 1988 Summer Olympics and became the only boxer in Pakistan’s history to secure an Olympic Medal. The film was released on 14th August 2015.

In 2016, my documentary film “Colours of Death”, shows how the chickens are dyed in different colours and sold in the pet market won the best documentary of the year in Zurich, Switzerland. The film has also been screened in different film festivals nationwide and is being appreciated.

I worked on a travelogue as a director & a cinematographer for the lifestyle and travel magazine “Destinations”. It was filmed in Europe in 2016.

As a passionate filmmaker, I like to explore wildlife, different people & places, cultures, ethnicities & traditions. I’ve been exploring the world through the lens since 2009. I’m good with all digital cameras including accessories & tools related to stills and film grading, editing & graphics.

Below are the links of the films that I’ve completed as a director & a cinematographer.

A day with a wildlife photographer, 2014

Miracle Cure ( A film on the Indian spiny-tailed lizard found in Thar Desert, Kutch)


Photography link is