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About me

It’s Hassan Zaidi a Documentary Filmmaker from Lahore, Pakistan. I am working as a Lecturer (BPS-18) Permanent Faculty at Film and Television Department, National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan. Currently I have completed my Masters in Multimedia Studies at the National College of Arts, Lahore. In 2016, I was selected by NCA for a scholarship program at the University of Austin at Texas, USA, where I completed my third year of graduation in Film Studies.

In the last few years, I have attended different cultural programs and film festivals in the USA, Europe, Turkey and India.



    Apart from my documentary films, I also signed a feature-length film project as CINEMATOGRAPHER with Logos Films and Media in 2014 which was released on 14 August 2015 in cinemas nationwide. It was nominated as THE BEST FILM for Lux Style Awards and ARY Film Awards in 2016, respectively.



    This film is based on Indian spiny-tailed lizard found in Thar Desert, Kutch and  surrounding arid zones in India and Pakistan. Local people believe that the fat extracted from it has aphrodisiac power.



    It is an awareness film showing the process of staining chicks which are later sold in the pet market. Many birds end up dying in this process from the side effects of the dye and those who survive have a lower than usual life expectancy. I just wanted to send out a message against the abuse suffered by these birds. This film was screened nationwide in different film festivals and won DOCUMENTARY OF THE YEAR IN MOMO FILM FESTIVAL ZURICH SWITZERLAND. It has also been selected as a finalist and was screened at the 2nd annual SMARTPHILM FESTIVAL ON 2ND JUNE 2018 IN WASHINGTON, USA.

  4. FILM


    This Documentary was the result of a scholarship program FILM TALENTS – VOICES FROM PAKISTAN AND AFGHANISTAN conducted under the academic supervision of a German Film Maker Till Passow.

    Survivor is an awareness based documentary about financially struggling immigrants from Pakistan that cross through Iran, Turkey to enter the EU. They are misguided by the Agents and pay a good amount of money for these life risks.



    I have also worked in Feature-length film project as FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR with Logos Films and Media in 2017 for THE MOTORCYCLE GIRL which was released on 20 April 2018 in cinemas nationwide. It was nominated as the best film on the 18th Lux Style Awards.

    “The Motorcycle Girl” is a Pakistani biographical adventure drama film based on the life of real-life motorcyclist Zenith Irfan. It was directed, written and co-produced by Adnan Sarwar. Motorcycle Girl was the second installment in Sarwar’s thematic Hero trilogy, following Shah (2015)

    Zenith’s story is important because at such a young age, she is doing things that challenge gender stereotypes which are deeply ingrained in the fabric of our society.


    DUNKEY Following European Dreams

    A documentary film about financially struggling immigrants from Pakistan who illegally cross borders through Iran, Turkey to enter the EU. It’s a reflexive documentary, shot in three countries Pakistan, Serbia, and Italy.

    A film exploring why Pakistanis opt to leave Pakistan illegally? Film follows undoumented migrants from Pakistan at Serbia/Hungary border living in jungles and trying their best to enter Hungary Europe.


    The Long Way Home

    The Long way home is a collaborative ethnographic documentary produced by Hassan Zaidi, a Documentary Filmmaker and Usman Mahar, A Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at LMU to understand the causes and the motivation behind irregular migration in Pakistan. It is assumed that deportation and “voluntary” return mark the end of an irregular migrant’s “futile” and “illegal” journey. When it comes to the returning migrant’s dreams and desires vis a vis return the journey is, however, far from over. Calling into attention a particular story from ongoing fieldwork, the film draws a picture of how a Pakistani returning migrant (voluntary returnee) lives and feels upon his return from Germany.


    Thank The Heroes COVID-19

    A doctor’s life is like a blotting paper, we start absorbing people’s pain. Unknowingly we absorb it all – and little by little it makes our own lives bitter.” Our 4th #ThankTheHeroes story takes you inside an isolation ward in Allied Hospital, Faisalabad; this is what it’s like.

    Client: Getz Pharma
    Agency: Seeme Productions
    Director: Hassan Zaidi
    Cinematographer: Omer Daraz, Umer Peerzada
    Editor: Tahir Ali
    Aerial film: Umer Peerzada
    Animation: Salman Malik


    It is a story of an illegal immigrant and his struggling family. A young boy; Ahmed gets kidnapped by human traffickers while crossing borders in Istanbul, Turkey, and survives immense torture for 22 days in captivity, the Conflict of this story is how poverty in developing countries has forced people to escape their homes by putting everything on the stake in hope of a better future. Unaware of its deadly consequences, the majority end up in the trap of an exploitative illegal system.