The Long Way Home


The Long way home is a collaborative ethnographic documentary produced by Hassan Zaidi, a Documentary Filmmaker and Usman Mahar, A Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at LMU to understand the causes and the motivation behind irregular migration in Pakistan. It is assumed that deportation and “voluntary” return mark the end of an irregular migrant’s “futile” and “illegal” journey. When it comes to the returning migrant’s dreams and desires vis a vis return the journey is, however, far from over. Calling into attention a particular story from ongoing fieldwork, the film draws a picture of how a Pakistani returning migrant (voluntary returnee) lives and feels upon his return from Germany.

Shedding light on his life back home in Pakistan, engaging it with the vulnerabilities but also the hopes of this irregular migrant and his family. The film shows the affective economy of irregular migration and subsequent return to show that the interests of economic migrants” are never only economic or purely rational. They are entangled within a complex web of relations; socio-cultural, political, religious, and emotional restrictions)


Roles: Codirected, Shot and edited